Organizations have always been extremely curious about how virtual events and webinars can disrupt physical events. Ever-since the pandemic happened, most of the companies moved towards a remote or a hybrid work culture model, and this new norm of hosting web-events became extremely popular. But, web-events are no longer just a plan or an idea they’re the absolute reality of the events industry.

Web-events are easy to attend, cost-efficient, provide better ROI, and can be reached out to a wider set of audience. They are highly convenient because can be joined from anywhere across the globe.

Why are web-events here to stay?
  1. Access from anywhere across the globe

    We-events are a whole new level of connectivity in the virtual world. They help in retaining the professional bond amongst the employees during remote working, hosting large-scale virtual conferences and a lot more.

  2. Cost-efficient

    Hosting a large-scale web event is less expensive as compared to organizing an in-person event. Hence, a web-event successfully saves more time, money, and efforts eventuating into providing a better return on investment and high cost-efficiency.

  3. Wider reach & engagement

    As web-events are highly convenient to attend from anywhere at any time, they ultimately provide a wider reach and superior engagement towards the target audience helping in establishing the brand visibility.

As per Statista research report on the global meetings industry, it estimated at roughly one trillion USD in 2020, and it is forecasted that this market is expected to reach approximately 1.6 trillion USD in 2028, reporting a CAGR of 5.9 percent.

Companies worldwide have been exploring digital ecosystems to engage consumers and the audience to recover from the COVID-19’s impact on businesses. Virtual events installed a lifeline into the companies and the individuals in a world which was upended by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual events have completely changed the way professionals attend conferences. They save money, time & resources, also with the right technology are as good as in-person events.

inCast  is a webcasting platform, empowers large-scale video webcasting events with live video and audio conferencing, enabling you to host & promote impeccable virtual events. Simply gather dozens of presenters and end number of attendees from across the globe and convey your unique brand story to your target audience.

Interactive & seamless with our extraordinarily in-built next-gen features, inCast will focus on the tedious parts of your business, so that you can focus on impressing your audience with seamlessly interactive and cost-efficient Web-events.

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