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inCast is a cloud based SaaS webcasting platform specifically designed to host large-scale video webcasting events to audiences of all sizes, anywhere around the world. Make your events interactive with live polling and Q&A sessions.

Don't struggle anymore
Conduct effortless live webcasting events.

Live Streaming
Live stream

inCast simplifies the live streaming of your web events and enterprise-level webinars.

Brand Awareness
Brand awareness

Enhance the reach, engagement, and publicity that can bring a positive impact on your global brand awareness.

Cost efficient
Cost efficient

inCast is a cost-effective solution, helps to eliminate travel costs and in-person conferences.

Online Events

Huge Online Events

Virtual events have completely changed the way professionals attend conferences. They save big on time, money & resources and with the right technology, are as good as an in-person event. Simply gather dozens of presenters and hundreds or thousands of attendees from across the globe and convey your story to the customers, students, or employees.
Online Events

Webinar Conferences

inCast lets you convey your story to the target audience effortlessly. Host seamless virtual conferences, product launches, demos, or set up virtual town hall meetings that engage anyone, on any device.
Engage and interact

Engage and Interact

inCast not only helps you to digitize your brand completely but also provides an automated webcasting platform for running live webinars. It offers a wide range of features for conducting training sessions, product demos, or events all in one single webcasting platform.
Engage and Interact
Presenting with Confidently
Presenting with Confidently

Presenting with Confidence

You can share your message across any audience with inCast multiple presentation features such as screen sharing, recording, browsing, instant message sharing, or uploading of your presentations and slide decks.

Marketing Applications

Trade Shows
Lead generation
Product launch

Training Applications

Leadership development
Sales training
Partner or client training
Continuing education

Corporate Applications

Investor relations
Town halls
Press Announcements

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inCast offers a cost-effective and excellent HD web conferencing experience.

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