Show and tell

Present with confidence: show slides and share any content with your audience.

Attendee Engagement Tools

Engage with your attendees using chat, audio remarks, reactions and polling.

Advanced Host Controls

Change layouts and meeting roles, control participants’ devices in real time.

Webinar Invitations

Schedule your webinar conferences and send automated email invitations.

Live Streaming

Stream your webcasts to YouTube, Facebook Live or other popular streaming platforms.


Record your web conferences and share recordings with your colleagues.

instavc-interactive -panelists


InstaVC webinar solution allows you to have hundreds of Interactive Panelists for real life-like learning and presentation session. Panellists are fully interactive participants in the webinar meeting, who can view and send video, have live discussions, screen share, presentations, annotate and more.


Invite hundreds of thousands of participants to your webinars, corporate events, seminars, online classes and more. Participants are view-only attendees who have the option of sending messages to the Panelists for QnA session.



Have strong control over your webinar sessions to manage all aspects of participants and attendees. Moderator can Mute/unmute panellists or promote an attendee to panellist, giving them audio and video capabilities to the attendees. You’ll have everything you need to keep your attendees fully hooked all the way through while still having total control over your webinar event.!


Moderated chat allows text conversations with the audience, Private chat allows one-to-one conversations between the presenter and an attendee, without disrupting the flow of the webinar. Avoid chaos by deciding whether to accept, reject, or edit the comments.



Capture your online webinar event with one click. Ideal for Creating reference material for internal use sharing with those registrants who missed the live event. Use the Recorded video files and make a sales or training presentation out of it.


Stream Your Webinars Live on YouTube or Facebook. Expand your reach to a wider audience and increase your audience engagement. Effectively promote your products and generate more leads.


Webinar Presenters and attendees are free to join from any device including desktop, laptop or mobiles.


We understand that your Panelists can be new to the webinar technology, that is why we provide assisted webinars which allow you to Host seamless large-scale events with help from our team, including planning, rehearsal, and live support during the webinar and events session.

Host Your Own Webinars, Live Classes, Virtual Conferences & Live Events

Reach more people & expand your business with powerful customizable online events.

Easy For Your Audience Browser-Based, No Downloads

InstaVC attending webinars and online events is easier than ever. No downloads required, simply click to Join.

Publish & Share Your Vibrant Events Live

InstaVC offers the simplest way to stream multiple video feeds, PowerPoint slides, videos, and screen shares to online video portals like YouTube.a

Scalable For A Large Number Of Participants

With InstaVC, you can have hundreds and thousands of attendees join your Live webinar, classroom sessions, company events, workshops and networking sessions.

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